Bank Account Opening in UAE and Russia

To avoid exchange controls and capital restrictions, maintain capital and bank accounts outside the European Union, especially in highly regulated economies. Consider opening accounts in the Emirates or Russia, as these countries offer strategic protection against economic risks and regulatory limits due to low debt, energy independence, and steady economic growth.


Company Set Up in UAE and Russia

We are your one-stop shop for all business setups. Whether you want to kickstart your business in UAE or Russia, our seamless services and qualified professionals will guide you to viable economic options.


Immigration Services in
UAE and Russia

Rooted in security and maximum benefit for our customer base. Airbox understands the importance of delivering safe and reliable immigration services in UAE and Russia. Our team of qualified experts will guide you through each and every step of the way. Airbox is here for you, whether it is remote work or crossing the borders. We understand the hassle behind the intricacies of immigration services. We offer assistance for various tasks, including short-term assignments, business travel, remote work, permanent transfers, contingent workforce, and mobile workforce environments, catering to all organizational sizes and sectors.

Visa process in UAE and RUSSIA

It does not matter if you are an individual looking to apply for a visa or a corporation looking to secure a visa for your business needs. We provide various visa services, including investment, work, and family sponsorship, ensuring efficiency and compliance through understanding local rules. Airbox offers comprehensive services for UAE visa applications, managing legal proceedings, government documentation, and regulatory compliance, allowing businesses to focus on core competencies while managing passport management, personnel coordination, and trade license compliance.

Services in UAE and RUSSIA

Our comprehensive relocation services facilitate easy and gradual transfer for people and organizations. Experts in the field offer customized solutions that are high-quality, responsive, individualized, and actively involved at every stage. Airbox is also familiar with the area's customs, thus ensuring that clients are content during the relocation process.

HR Operations Service in UAE and Russia

From hiring to managing staff, Airbox offers a complete range of HR solutions that streamline all phases of the human resources lifecycle. Using technology and expertise in local, national, and international HR Operations, Airbox assists companies in boosting their workforce productivity and guarantees legal compliance. To help and support businesses and individuals alike, Airbox is a dependable partner in helping organizations navigate the complexities of HR operations.

Payroll Services in
MENA region

A thorough awareness of various rules and regulatory frameworks is necessary to navigate the complex payroll services landscape in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Airbox is your trusted partner regarding payroll solutions in the MENA region.


At Airbox, our reputation precedes us. Our standards are a direct reflection of our accounting services that can be customized to meet your needs which in turn ensures accurate financial management. Our qualified team of accountants offers solutions that not only focus on providing seamless financial services but on transparency and accountability.


As a pioneer in all-inclusive HR solutions, Airbox is your strategic partner of choice for hiring. Using top-notch technology and our thorough knowledge of local, national, and international HR protocols, our skilled staff expertly navigates the complex world of talent acquisition.

Contract staffing /
secondment of employment

Contract staffing is the temporary hiring of employees in a business, where neither the contractor nor the corporation are obligated to each other after a predetermined period. For the mutual advantage of all parties engaged in the agreement, the secondment is a temporary phase of employment when a person is moved from one job to another, often within the same group of firms, for a certain amount of time.

VAT Registration
& filing

Businesses can register for VAT (Value Added Tax) and file for VAT returns easily with Airbox. We make it easy for companies by assisting you through each step of the way while navigating through the complexities of VAT registration. By partnering with Airbox, you are stepping into a world where VAT registration and filing could be challenging.

Notary and
attestation services

Businesses can rely on Airbox to provide trustworthy notary and attestation services. We guarantee accurate document authentication, considering the national standards and regulatory mandates. Airbox provides services for contracts, legal documents, and other crucial documentation, and we give priority to precision, effectiveness, and, most importantly, transparency.