Visa process in UAE and RUSSIA

It does not matter if you are an individual looking to apply for a visa or a corporation looking to secure a visa for your business needs. We provide various visa services, including investment, work, and family sponsorship, ensuring efficiency and compliance through understanding local rules. We offer comprehensive services for UAE visa applications, managing legal proceedings, government documentation, and regulatory compliance, allowing businesses to focus on core competencies while managing passport management, personnel coordination, and trade license compliance.

Visa in UAE

We offer reliable services that will help you and your business. We act as the reliable link between your company and government bodies in the UAE. Given our years of experience, our in-depth knowledge about the country, and our experts. We ensure an easy service loop where you will be guided every step of the way. From handling government paperwork to documentation, by choosing us, you have successfully saved time, money and you can be assured that it is a hassle-free operation. Our skilled staff is available to help with any business establishment, visa management, licence compliance, or regulatory activities. Our cost-effective and customisable solutions are tailored to your unique requirements, freeing you up to concentrate on operating your company while we expertly handle the complexities.

For Businesses

The UAE has reinstated the business entrance visa, allowing investors to explore commercial and investment opportunities without a sponsor, as part of its plan to attract international investment. The three-month visit visa, which can be extended for an extra fee, is now valid for 90 days. A new five-year multi-entry tourist visa has been introduced, allowing self-sponsored trips for 90 days each entrance. Applicants must provide documentation of USD 4,000 in bank funds over the last six months.

For Families

The revised regulations now allow for more inclusivity in family sponsorship, allowing parents to sponsor handicapped children for unlimited time, masculine children up to 25, and single daughters at any age. UAE offers new entrance permits for short-term work, studies, and training, as well as residency permits for Gulf Cooperation Council residents, foreign passport holders, and widowed female residents with children.

Visa in RUSSIA

We support you in all your migration procedures in Russia, including obtaining work permits/visas for highly qualified workers (VKS).

This VKS (highly qualified specialist) status is a multi-entry work permit / visa is valid for 3 years, allows you to only pay between 13% and 15% income tax and exempts you from social charges ( 0.2%).

However, it requires you to pay or have you pay 3 million roubles/year or 250,000 roubles/month.

On this VKS VISA it is possible to attach a spouse and children (minors).

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