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We commit to deliver comprehensive support and unparalleled loyalty. We know the importance of business set-ups and wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to helping establish your setup along with the other factors that come into play. With our services by your side, you can unquestionably focus on your business goals and leave the intricacies of the operation with us.

Venture out on your entrepreneurial journey in the UAE with ease and confidence powered by our cutting-edge services and professional experience team, ensuring that every step for you is seamless and another step closer to your success.

The United Arab Emirates is the ideal destination for your business establishment. Ideally, The UAE fosters an ecosystem that allows companies in various industries to prosper when the correct amount of innovation is applied. UAE is the ideal spot to start if you have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Making the right decision with the appropriate partners is crucial.


We are at your disposal to assist you in setting up a legal entity in Russia, in the form of an OOO which is the most appropriate legal status for foreign investors planning to develop a commercial activity in Russia.

To open a business in Russia you must:

- Determine the code defining the activity and the name in Russian of the company.

- File the statutes, in Russia.

- Have a provisional Russian general manager.

- Have a legal domiciliation address of the company in Russia.

- Open a bank account and pay the share capital (< 10,000 roubles).

There are several tax statuses

- A classic status: 20% taxes on turnover and 20% VAT

- A simplified status with 15% tax on profits without VAT

- A simplified status with 6% taxes on turnover without VAT

Thereafter you have two ways:

1/ Remain sole shareholder and continue with the Russian general manager.

2/ Become the Russian general director.

To do this, as a foreigner, you must obtain a work permit (VKS).


By setting up your business in the UAE, you are exposing yourself to a myriad of opportunities that will provide you with impressive returns on investments. Our team of experts serves as a bridge between you and your dreams. Through every step of the way, we will ensure that the entirety of the service cycle, handling crucial government paperwork, and all other documentation along with the legal processes are taken care of.

Most importantly, our goals extend beyond financial stability and success; we also acknowledge our social and environmental responsibilities. Therefore, when setting up your business in the UAE, we will implement cutting-edge technology while upholding ethical standards and stand by moral practices. That way, you can be assured that your company's set up is in safe hands.

Don’t wait any longer; explore UAE's dynamic benefits, and let us guide you toward a prosperous business venture.

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