Bank Account Opening in
Dubai or in Russia

To minimise the risks of being subjected to exchange or capital control, or withdrawal restrictions, open bank accounts outside the European Union. Those risks are significant in nations with highly regulated economies and high level of public debt or external debt.
As opposed to this, consider opening accounts in the Emirates or even Russia, as these nations are known for providing an absolute strategic approach when it comes to protecting your assets against economic risks and regulatory limits primarily thanks to their low debt levels and crime rates, low taxation, energy independence, and most importantly their steady economic growth.

UAE Banks

If you lack a valid residence permit or are not currently residing in Dubai, it is requisite to visit the city, with the required documents. Throughout the process, our support and assistance is assured. The records required are as follows;

  • Your passport
  • Bank Account statements from the country of your residence (between 3-6 months old)
  • Recent utility bills that display your name and address
  • Provide a summary of your intention behind opening an account

However, it is imperative that you establish a company and register as an employee to acquire the residence visa, which will show the company’s address. By doing this, you can open a personal current account, which is a corporate bank account, if you plan on executing commercial activities. Throughout the entirety of the process, our support and assistance are assured.


We are able to assist you in opening your bank account in Russia, whether with a Russian or foreign bank. It is also possible to have account managers who speak English. Just get in touch with us for more details.

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